While it is very hard for anyone to put a value on something they don't fully understand it is also one of first questions most people ask. To better understand you should know there are 15 hand made parts that make up the current model. Although DiveGlide is a very simple device it has taken 8 years of testing and refinement to get to where we are now



- 1 hull

- 2 wings

- 2 tank whips tank racks

- 2 weight cards

- 1 ball valve with custom Handle

- Videos on assembly, use, and training


Glider Prices $3,200 plus shipping
Travel bag $350
Boat recovery line $175
DiveGlide automatic recovery system $475

DiveGlide apparel
Caps with DiveGlide logo $35
T-shirts with DiveGlide logo $25
Long sleeves with DiveGlide logo $35
Hoodies with DiveGlide logo $75