DiveGlide Bases: Dive centers wishing to get involved with this new and exciting new U/W Sport will benefit from the publicity cerate by this innovative form of diving. They will be listed as a DiveGlide destination which will set themselves apart from their local competitor. It will further show them to being on the cutting edge in the diving world and highlight their commitment to U/W sports. Due to the newness of buoyancy gliding and the training needed these destinations will play an active role in the future of buoyancy gliding. As the sport develops an association will be needed and these dive centers will also be a cornerstone for how that takes shape. There are four areas of potential earnings for a DiveGlide base exposure and promotion for bookings as DG base, training, rentals / tours, and sales of gliders and other accessories. Most importantly is the fun and excitement of being part of the newest thing in diving in years!


DG base package includes 2 DiveGliders, 36 DiveGlide t-shirts, DiveGlide banner, and course outline. DG base number, membership on the buoyancy gliding advisory board. They will be listed on the DiveGlide website with a link to their page on DiveGlide. Exclusive color of their gliders for recognition when published. Wholesale pricing for retail sales. Two year exclusive agreement for 100 miles or per island.